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EnviroScience maintains one of the largest Aquatic Survey Groups in the country. Our respected team of biologists and divers have completed surveys of rivers and lakes of all sizes throughout the United States. Our in-house staff custom designs each project to meet your data requirements, which are gathered using the latest scientific equipment and procedures. Our experience, combined with our professional relationship with state and federal authorities, ensure that projects are completed accurately, on time, and within budget.

Our biologists perform a wide variety of surveys and assessments for:

  • Fish
    • Electrofishing – Boat, Backpack & Longline
    • Seining
    • Trawling
    • Hoopnetting/Gillnetting
    • SCUBA/Underwater video
  • Benthic Macroinvertebrates
    • Hester-Dendy Samplers
    • Ponar Sampling
    • Surber Sampling
    • D-frame Kick Net Sampling
  • Habitat Assessment
    • Qualitative Habitat Evaluation Index
    • Headwater Habitat Evaluation Index
    • Federal Bioassessment Protocols
  • Chemistry
    • In-Field
    • Laboratory
  • Data Analysis & Reporting
    • Index of Biotic Integrity/MIwb
    • Invertebrate Community Index
    • Analysis of Functional Feeding Groups
    • Federal Rapid Bioassessment Protocols
    • Other Indices and Statistics as Requested
  • Crayfish
    • Guyandotte River & Big Sandy crayfish surveys
  • Benthic Marine Invertebrate
    • Ponar, Ekman, Net Sweeps and Tows
    • Habitat Characterizations
    • WET Testing
    • Water and Sediment Quality Testing

Common Applications

  • NPDES Permits
  • Combined Sewer Overflows Assessments
  • WWTP Expansions
  • Construction Impacts
  • Natural Resource Assessments
  • Environmental Impact
  • Watershed Diagnostic Studies
  • Control Plans
  • Urban Planning
  • Spill Prevention Plans
  • Threatened & Endangered Species Inventories

EnviroScience is pre-qualified for Ecological Services by the Ohio Department of Transportation, the Tennessee Department of Transportation, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and the West Virginia Department of Highways. All of our projects are completed using creative problem solving and the latest in GIS/CAD technology. Our professionalism and experience is a value to our employees, our clients, and the scientific community.

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