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Emergency Response Services

Emergency Response Services

EnviroScience personnel are nationally recognized experts in managing and mitigating large-scale environmental disasters. Whether conducting ecological monitoring or remediation for contaminant releases such as petroleum for industrial agents or managing the cleanup effort from these potentially catastrophic events, EnviroScience has the expertise and training to safely protect the environment and our client’s investments. EnviroScience is also well versed in environmental regulations and has extensive experience coordinating with regulatory agencies within the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS). EnviroScience brings a high level of credibility to regulatory negotiations by presenting defensible data directly to agency technical staff—scientist to scientist.

During most disasters, response time is often one of the most critical components to success. With well over 40 trained field staff and an extensive inventory of equipment and vehicles, we have the capacity to mobilize quickly and for the duration of response activities. In addition, we have an excellent safety record due to our comprehensive on-the-job safety standards.

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