Max Koran

Environmental Scientist

Max Koran Virginia EnviroScience

Max Koran joined EnviroScience, Inc. in 2011, providing expertise in systems ecology, hydrogeology, sedimentology, remote sensing, and biogeochemistry.  He earned his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Cleveland State University in 2009.  Max ‘s diverse academic background has allowed him to provide technical assistance on a variety of projects, including wetland delineations, water quality assessments, sediment sampling efforts, environmental compliance on construction sites, restoration projects, endangered species habitat identification, and emergency responses.  He is responsible for technical report preparation and has prepared scientific journal articles for peer-reviewed publications.  Max has completed the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers wetland delineation training, HAZWOPER 40 Hour training, OSHA Stormwater Management training, and RCRA hazardous waste training.  In his free time, Max performs independent research in the field of zymology.

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