EnviroScience Supports GLEC for the USEPA’s National Aquatic Resource Surveys

June 6, 2016

Field Sampling

STOW, OH (June 6, 2016) –EnviroScience, Inc. is proud to continue its support for primary contractor GLEC, Inc. in completing the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (USEPA) National Aquatic Resources Survey (NARS). The contract is a five-year task order contract designed to assess the condition of the nation’s bodies of water, including lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands, and coastal resources.

Both field and lab survey methods are used to sample randomly selected sites across the country. Data is compared across different locations and years to determine water quality trends. A number of data indicators are used, including (but not limited to) benthic macroinvertebrates, fish tissue contaminates, phytoplankton, wetland vegetation, zooplankton, lakeshore habitat, algal toxins (microcystin), and cyanobacteria. The survey results will help officials improve overall water quality, recreation resources, and water monitoring programs on a national and local level.

EnviroScience was the primary contractor for the National Coastal Condition Assessment (NCCA), which is one of four main NARS programs. Read more at www.enviroscienceinc.com/2015_national_coastal_condition_assessment/.

To learn more about NARS, visit www.epa.gov/national-aquatic-resource-surveys.