Dr. Huehner Featured in “Reclaimed: Environmental Art Today” Show in Akron

November 28, 2018

If you are in the Akron, Ohio area on Friday, November 30, stop by between 5 and 8 PM to catch the opening of a show titled “Reclaimed: Environmental Art Today” at The Box Gallery, on the Third floor of The Summit ArtSpace Building, 140 E Market St, Akron, OH 44308. One of the pieces on display, “Seven Weeks’ Lunch”, was created by good friend and EnviroScience emeritus Dr. Marty Huehner. He promises you will see many other interesting artists and artwork as well!

Check out his other work: www.MartyHuehnerArt.com


Art and Science

From Dr. Huehner’s website: As an artist, Marty Huehner continues to be informed by his previous work teaching, consulting, and doing research in ecology, animal diversity, endangered species, and geology. He taught many field courses from the Michigan Upper Peninsula to the Florida Keys, Hawaii,  Central America, the Caribbean,  Australia, and New Zealand which were designed to engage the natural and cultural history of these places.  

Marty describes his career: “During my years as a biologist, I began to sense additional aesthetic elements accompanying my scientific perspective.  My artistic affinities were awakened when I discovered a clay deposit in a stream bank and began to make small objects out of the natural clay I picked up.  To learn how to handle clay, I took a ceramics course in my spare time and then took more art courses to learn about color and design.  Finally, I finished an art major and went to graduate school in ceramics at the Australian National University where I completed a Master of Visual Arts.  My artistic training there brought me to express some of my natural world aesthetics through a rewarding artistic practice that presents the world of nature and presents the viewer with a sense of place.”

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