Wildlife Habitat Council Conservation Certification

October 7, 2020
Wildlife Habitat Council

The Wildlife Habitat Council certification program is a voluntary program that certifies ecosystem restoration efforts on corporate landholdings in support of overall biodiversity enhancement and conservation education efforts. Certification through the Wildlife Habitat Council offers a comprehensive and objective evaluation that can aid in environmental reporting and disclosure and demonstrate corporate support for managing high-quality wildlife habitats and community engagement and education. Habitat restoration, management, and monitoring programs generally consist of three components: 1) Habitat, 2) Species Management, and 3) Education and Awareness. Each part can consist of multiple projects, all of which individually contribute to scoring and, ultimately, certification level. Conservation Certification represents a long-term commitment not just to restoration, but also effective management and monitoring, with preparation for certification occurring over multiple years and continuing in perpetuity.

Process for Conservation Certification

The process for Conservation Certification and continued monitoring and management of corporate habitat restoration programs is shown in the diagram below.

EnviroScience can assist in all levels of the habitat and species management, monitoring, and education process to aid in WHC Conservation Certification. Please contact Natural Resources Practice Area Lead, Teal Richards-Dimitrie (TRichards-Dimitrie@EnviroScienceInc.com), with questions and inquiries regarding certification.

To learn more about WHC check out their great website full of resources for corporations looking to amplify their conservation efforts. “Every act of conservation matters!”