EnviroScience Awarded Five-Year $37.3 Million EPA Contract for National Aquatic Resource Surveys

March 27, 2012

EnviroScience, Inc. Awarded Five-Year $37.3 Million EPA Contract for National Aquatic Resource Surveys

STOW, Ohio, March 26, 2012 — EnviroScience, Inc. has been selected as a prime contractor for a five-year $37.3 million contract with the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Aquatic Resource Surveys (NARS) program.

“The expertise of our biologists, lab specialists and fishery scientists makes us a natural fit for the EPA’s requirements of gauging the health of the nation’s water,” said Martin A. Hilovsky, President of EnviroScience, Inc. “It’s exciting to be selected for this contract. We expect to add at least eight new employees to our staff of fifty.”

The NARS program provides statistical surveys by working with state, tribal and other federal agency partners of over 1,500 randomly selected lakes, rivers, streams, coastal waterways and wetlands around the country. Each year the NARS program focuses on different waterbody types and tasks.

EnviroScience will ensure that the proper monitoring designs, indicators and methods allow the EPA to combine the information from all over the country to effectively answer questions about the quality of the nation’s waters.  The company will be monitoring and assessing the condition of water across the U.S. over a five year period by designing tests, gathering field samples, measuring lab results and reporting data.

Because EnviroScience has been awarded the contract as a prime contractor, they will be bidding on various task orders each year. To aid them with completing all the governmental task orders, EnviroScience is teaming with Great Lakes Environmental Center (GLEC) from Traverse City, Michigan. EnviroScience’s well documented experience with lake management, environmental field testing, biomonitoring and quality control combines well with the GLEC’s prior experience with EPA and the NARS program. As a result, EnviroScience expects to successfully win a large number of the tasks that will be awarded as part of the $37.3 million contract. In addition to the  EnviroScience/GLEC team, a Herndon, Virginia company has also been selected as a potential contractor on the EPA award contract.

For more than 20 years, EnviroScience, Inc. has provided ecological services, aquatic environment studies, and lake management solutions throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Recognized for excellence in marine services, ecological restoration and biomonitoring fresh water, EnviroScience, Inc. provides technology, recommendations and solutions to meet environmental needs.  For more information, visit their website at www.EnviroScienceInc.com or call 800-940-4025.