Morgantown, WV Office – WET Testing / Sampling Service Center

March 9, 2021

We are happy to announce our Morgantown office is now a laboratory service center!

Central Appalachia Operations | 129 Greenbag Road Morgantown, WV 26501

The scientists at our Morgantown facility will evaluate your requirements, provide sampling services, provide sampling supplies if sampling is done in-house, and ensure that your samples are analyzed within the required hold time.

ES team member performing laboratory testing

EnviroScience provides the following laboratory services:

  • Toxicity (WET) Testing
  • Harmful Algae Testing
  • Cyanotoxin Testing
  • qPCR Testing
  • Algal ID Services
  • Chlorophyll-a Testing
  • Glyphosate Testing
  • TIE/TRE (Toxicity Identification / Toxicity Reduction Evaluations)

The EnviroScience Morgantown office can also provide:

  • Sample collection services, including
    • River and Outfall Sampling, including Boat Operations
    • Analytical Sample Collection
    • Groundwater Sampling and Monitoring
    • Automatic ISCO Sampler Rental and Setup
    • Realtime, Continuous Monitoring Solutions
  • Sampling Supplies
  • Drop-off Samples at the Office for Shipping
  • Courier Services
  • Priority Overnight Shipping Services

All samples are packed on ice and driven via courier or shipped via FedEx priority overnight to our network of laboratories for analysis.

Threatened and Endangered Bat Surveys and Conservation

EnviroScience biologists are trained and fully permitted to conduct surveys for threatened and endangered bat species throughout their range.  These survey techniques include summer and winter habitat assessments, presence/absence mist-net and acoustic detection surveys, radio telemetry tracking, harp trapping of hibernacula, and white-nose syndrome surveys. Our biologists are experienced with all aspects of Section 7 consultation, including compiling Indiana bat conservation plans (IBCP), habitat conservation plans (HCP), protection and enhancement plans, and biological opinions.

Indiana bat habitat conservation plans are developed to avoid or minimize potential adverse effects on Indiana bats. Where impacts are unavoidable, conservation measures are developed to offset the impacts on the species. These measures can consist of a combination of:

  • Erection of artificial roost structures
  • Tree girdling
  • Permanent preservation of suitable Indiana bat habitat within or adjacent to the project
  • Creation of watering areas, wetlands, or ponds

Erecting artificial roosting structures, such as bat boxes, can provide immediate onsite roosting for Indiana bats returning from hibernation.  EnviroScience biologists construct these boxes using methods researched with proven success and peer-reviewed science. Permitted EnviroScience biologists oversee the construction as well as installation of the bat boxes.  Monitoring schedules are developed during the HCP process and are determined by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), but they are typically monitored bi-annually for two years by permitted biologists. Monitoring allows biologists to determine occupancy and correct any inefficiencies. 

The EnviroScience team includes state and federally permitted bat biologists experienced with threatened and endangered bats.  Our biologists have over 25 years of combined experience performing bat surveys for state and federally listed species and helping clients comply with USFWS and state regulatory agencies. If your project is within the range of the Indiana bat and has a federal nexus, EnviroScience biologists will work with you to complete the appropriate survey for your project and assist with timely project approval and completion.

Water Boom Deployment and Maintenance / Diving Services

Do your large water operations require the installation or maintenance of containment, protective, or absorbent boom?  Our Commercial Diving and Marine Services Group can help meet your needs with our fleet of 15 vessels and water-savvy professional staff.  We have thousands of feet of boom and materials available for deployment and proper anchoring to any stream or river system. 

Is your intake having problems this winter?  As always, we offer a wide range of underwater and on-water services year-round. Email or see for more information.