Mitigation Planning

March 3, 2012

Wetlands Mitigation / Restoration

Wetland mitigation is a term given to the creation or enhancement of wetlands to offset impacts to other systems. When wetlands impacts are unavoidable, wetlands mitigation often becomes a necessary part of obtaining a fill permit. EnviroScience completes all aspects of the mitigation process, either through an approved mitigation bank or other custom designed, solution depending on project requirements.

Mitigation banks are agency approved sites where the wetlands creation and monitoring is handled entirely by a third party. This option can make the mitigation process fast and easy, however, it can be costly and is not available for all circumstances. EnviroScience is aware of all approved mitigation banks in Ohio and will take measures to find the best, most cost-effective facility. If a mitigation bank is not a feasible option or a custom designed wetland is desired, EnviroScience personnel are skilled and experienced in wetland design, creation, and monitoring.

Because of the extremely important functions and values of wetlands and other aquatic systems, municipalities, parks, and individual land owners often attempt to restore or enhance them.

ES biologists wetland restoration planting