USEPA Finalizes Four Rules to Reduce Fossil Fuel Pollution

April 25, 2024

The recent suite of standards finalized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) marks a significant change in our nation’s environmental policy. Designed by the USEPA to further reduce pollution from fossil fuel combustion sources, these regulations present challenges and opportunities for industries across the board. EnviroScience stands ready with its established expertise to guide companies through this new regulatory landscape.


The USEPA has introduced four critical regulations that will reshape industry standards:

Reduction of Greenhouse Gases: This rule mandates significant cuts in emissions from power plants and industrial sources, aiming to address the core drivers of climate change.

Stricter Air Quality Standards: New limits on pollutants such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are set to improve air quality and combat the effects of acid rain and urban smog.

Enhanced Monitoring of Emissions: More rigorous requirements for monitoring and reporting emissions from fossil fuel extraction and processing will increase transparency and accountability.

Promotion of Renewable Energy: The regulations encourage a shift towards cleaner energy alternatives, fostering innovation and sustainability in energy production.


Ecological Services and Environmental Compliance

EnviroScience’s long-standing expertise in ecological services is more relevant than ever. With these new USEPA standards emphasizing the protection of natural habitats and biodiversity, our team provides essential support for your projects. From endangered species surveys to environmental impact assessments, we ensure that your operations comply with the latest regulations while safeguarding ecological integrity.

Wetland and Stream Services

Our comprehensive services in wetland delineation, mitigation, and restoration are crucial for meeting enhanced environmental standards. EnviroScience excels in balancing development needs with ecological sustainability, making us your trusted partner in achieving compliance and improving project outcomes.

Toxicity Testing and Compliance

As industries face stricter pollution controls, our advanced bioassay and toxicity testing services become indispensable. EnviroScience offers precise testing and analysis to help you meet new discharge and pollution standards, ensuring your operations remain compliant and environmentally responsible.

Expanding Capabilities in Sustainability

Sustainable Development and Green Infrastructure

EnviroScience’s proven expertise in green infrastructure and renewable energy projects is invaluable as industries transition from fossil fuels. We provide strategic planning and implementation services that meet regulatory demands and position your company as a leader in sustainable practices. Our experts offer tailored solutions for developing sustainability strategies, setting environmental goals, and measuring progress toward achieving those goals, thereby enhancing long-term resilience and profitability.

Corporate Sustainability Reporting

In today’s regulatory environment, transparent and comprehensive sustainability reporting is crucial. EnviroScience empowers your company to communicate its environmental efforts and achievements clearly, reinforcing your commitment to sustainable development and corporate responsibility. By offering transparent and comprehensive sustainability reporting, you meet regulatory requirements and build trust with stakeholders by demonstrating your commitment to responsible business practices.


As the landscape of environmental regulation evolves, EnviroScience remains your expert partner, equipped to navigate these changes. Our deep industry knowledge and comprehensive services ensure that your company can confidently meet new challenges and continue to achieve excellence in any environment.

Contact our expert team at 800.940.4025 for detailed guidance on how EnviroScience can help your company adapt to the USEPA’s new regulations.

Few environmental firms in the country retain EnviroScience’s degree of scientific know-how, talent, and capability under one roof. The diverse backgrounds of our biologists, environmental engineers, scientists, and divers enable us to provide comprehensive in-house services and an integrated approach to solving environmental challenges—saving clients time, reducing costs, and ensuring high-quality results.

Our client guarantee is to provide “Excellence in Any Environment,” meaning no matter what we do, we will deliver on our Core Values of respect, client advocacy, quality work, accountability, teamwork, and safety. EnviroScience was created with the concept that we could solve complex problems by empowering great people. This concept still holds true today as our scientists explore the latest environmental legislation and regulations and incorporate the most up-to-date technology to gather and report data.

EnviroScience expertise includes but is not limited to aquatic surveys (including macroinvertebrate surveys and biological assessments); ecological restoration; ecological services (including impact assessments, invasive species control, and water quality monitoring); emergency response; engineering and compliance services; endangered mussel surveys; laboratory and analysis; stormwater management; sustainability services; threatened and endangered species; and wetlands and streams (including delineation and mitigation). Further, EnviroScience is one of the few biological firms in the country that is a general member of the Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI) and offers full-service commercial diving services.