EnviroScience Reaches Across the Globe to Help with Wastewater Treatment Issues

November 22, 2017


WUXI, CHINA (November 3, 2017)—A leading global company that engineers and manufactures bearings and mechanical power transmission components, including gear drives, couplings, belts and chains, reached out to EnviroScience for help with wastewater issues in one of their facilities located in China.  The manufacturing plant was using a multiple tank chemical and biological treatment system.  After a brief tour of the plant’s operations and review of the chemical water treatment system, it was suggested that an Ultrafiltration Treatment System would greatly enhance the wastewater quality while eliminating chemicals, reducing waste generated, and decreasing energy consumption. 

The team contacted a waste treatment company for help and they quickly responded with personnel and a “suitcase” pilot unit capable of processing small samples of the various wastewaters generated in the plant. The expanded team toured the points of wastewater generation, collected more samples, and processed them while on site.  The resulting permeate samples were collected and taken off site for analysis.  This pilot study was all scheduled and executed within the two days that EnviroScience was on site. 

The site is awaiting the analytical results along with a proposal for a turnkey Ultrafiltration Treatment System.  Once a decision is made to move forward, EnviroScience may be helping with the permitting, startup, and training.  EnviroScience has also been requested to help with other manufacturing sites in China. 

EnviroScience personnel have experience in addressing wastewater issues internationally.  They have delivered sustainable, cost-effective solutions to some of the most difficult regulatory problems.  Read more.