EnviroScience Project Managers Add Certifications for Bridge Inspection Leadership

June 9, 2017

Underwater Inspection

 Two of EnviroScience’s key project managers, Sheila Rayman, P.E., (Senior Environmental Engineer) and Patrick Evankovich (ADCI Diving Supervisor), recently completed the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) National Highway Institute (NHI) course “Safety Inspection of In-Service Bridges.”  The course provided both project managers with knowledge of safety inspections for in-service highway bridges.  Ms. Rayman and Mr. Evankovich can now act as Bridge Inspection Team Leaders on upcoming projects and help clients form the best plans for bridge repairs, rehabilitations, and replacements.

Ms. Rayman and Mr. Evankovich attained skills during the 10-day course such as identifying any personal and public safety issues; identifying and documenting bridge deficiencies; and obtained knowledge necessary to offer remediation recommendations.  The training outcomes included evaluating methods of inspecting concrete, steel, and timber structures, as well as the ability to determine nondestructive evaluation methods used for basic bridge materials.

Mr. Evankovich had previously completed an NHI underwater bridge inspection course in 2011.  He has worked on numerous inspection projects, inspecting both bridges and communication towers in Virginia, New York, and Maryland.

Ms. Rayman, as part of EnviroScience’s Compliance Services team, assists with stormwater management, preparation of construction documents, and helps clients reach and maintain compliance with regulating authorities.  Ms. Rayman has spent over 22 years as a consultant engineer and project manager in infrastructure design and land development representing both the private and public sectors.  In addition, her years spent as an assistant city engineer provided extensive knowledge of municipal, state, and federal inspection requirements and regulations.

The completion of the NHI In-Service Bridges course will allow both Mr. Evankovich and Ms. Rayman to act as a team leader on terrestrial and underwater inspections, as well as broadening the scope of projects that EnviroScience can pursue.  This new expertise in bridge inspection will further strengthening our existing qualifications.

EnviroScience’s current qualifications also include Senior Engineer/Diver John Bogue, P.E., who brings over 27 years of experience in conducting inspections, investigations, evaluations, loads rating analysis, detail designs, and rehabilitation designs of bridges throughout the United States for local, state, and federal agencies.   As  an  NHI  (FHWA)  approved Instructor  for  the  Bridge  Inspection  Refresher  Course  (No.  130053),  Mr.  Bogue taught the course to consulting firms and state agencies nationwide. He also holds a certification in FHWA Underwater Evaluation and Repair of Bridge Components, FHWA Underwater Evaluation and Repair of Bridge Components, NHI Inspection Techniques for Fracture Critical Bridges, and NHA Safety Inspection of In-Service Bridges.

EnviroScience currently performs structural and National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS) bridge inspections for numerous agencies in the United States, including Level I, Level II, and Level III (Nondestructive Testing).  For example, EnviroScience provides inspection services for an on-going NBIS contact for the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) following FHWA, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and U.S. Coast Guard regulations.  All inspections are performed by visual-tactile methods and require special techniques such as zero-visibility, high velocity current, confined space, and decompression diving.  EnviroScience also produces high-quality sonar images that depict subsurface deficiencies.  The images allow EnviroScience bridge inspectors to accurately assess the overall structural and scour conditions, and build realistic models of substructure conditions.

To see more about the NBIS, click here.

For more information on EnviroScience’s Underwater Engineering and Inspection services, visit www.es-divers.com.