EnviroScience Celebrates VP Greg Zimmerman’s 20th Work Anniversary

September 7, 2016

EnviroScience Vice President Greg Zimmerman conducting a mussel survey.

STOW, OH (September 6, 2016)–EnviroScience, Inc. recently celebrated its Vice President Greg Zimmerman’s 20th year with the company.  Mr. Zimmerman joined EnviroScience in 1996 when the company was only 7 years old and had about 15 employees.

Reflecting on the history of the company and his leadership role, Mr. Zimmerman said “A lot has changed since I started working at EnviroScience in 1996 out of the basement of a dentist office making $7.25/hr, but seeing where we are and who we are I think on every level it’s good.  There are so many resources and opportunities here now; the struggle is sometimes to figure out which ones to use and follow.  There is no doubt we have the best group of biologists, managers, engineers and administrators, and I look forward to working with all them for the next 20+ years.”

Mr. Zimmerman oversees the operations of the company, including ESA endangered mussel and fish consultations, and underwater construction/inspection projects. He has over 19 years of


Greg on a diving project, 2008.

diving experience, and over 22 years of experience in the fields of aquatic survey and freshwater mussel and fish identification. He is approved by the USFWS as a mussel and fish contractor in various regions and has worked extensively with over 90 species of freshwater mussels.

Mr. Zimmerman is responsible for building up EnviroScience’s Marine Services division, which provides mussel surveys and other scientific diving services, commercial diving, and underwater engineering services to federal, state, and local clients.  It is now one of the biggest and most profitable divisions in the company.

“Over the past two decades, Greg has developed into a tremendous manager and valued partner,” Founder and CEO Marty Hilovsky said. “His constant enthusiasm and drive serves as an inspiration for all of us who work with him on a daily basis.”

Mr. Zimmerman has been a pioneer in mussel research and conservation, managing many of the biggest ESA and biological monitoring survey projects in U.S. history.  For example, Mr. Zimmerman currently oversees an effort to salvage approximately ~120,000 mussels in a contract through Michael Baker and PENNDOT along the Allegheny River in Pennsylvania.  The project will span several years and includes extensive diving, mussel salvage, transport and coordination activities across the U.S. to protect endangered mussel species, including the federally and state endangered Clubshell (Pleurobema clava) and Northern Riffleshell (Epioblasma torulosa rangiana).  The project is the largest of its kind to date and requires a team of biologists and divers working 10+ hours per day for weeks at a time.


EnviroScience staff circa 2000. Greg is center front.

EnviroScience, Inc. is a team of over 115 expert biologists, commercial divers, environmental scientists, and environmental engineers headquartered in Ohio, with additional offices in Nashville, Tennessee; Richmond, Virginia;
and Akron, Ohio. Since 1989, EnviroScience has provided expert technical services to help clients meet their environmental design and regulatory requirements. EnviroScience is often considered a “niche” environmental consultant due to its ecological consulting focus and nationally-recognized ecological services and environmental compliance for freshwater mussels, bats, fisheries, aquatic surveys, and stream and wetland management.