Rebecca Winterringer

Senior Aquatic Ecologist / Malacologist

Rebecca Winterringer joins EnviroScience’s Stow, Ohio headquarters as a senior-level Aquatic Ecologist / Malacologist and Project Manager.  Her role will include the management and implementation of endangered mussel projects and assisting clients with NEPA / USACE compliance and permitting.

Becca has 22 years of experience conducting aquatic faunal inventories across the U.S. and 17 years in the professional consulting industry. Becca is a proactive, hands-on manager who has supported many state departments of transportation, energy, transmission/pipeline corridor, and large river navigation projects.  She has extensive experience in aquatic ecology, and she is skilled in natural resource permitting, waterways assessments, GIS, environmental assessments, and aquatic surveys.  Becca holds a USFWS Federal Fish and Wildlife recovery permit and several state collection permits for freshwater mussels allowing her to work across the Midwest, Southeast and Northeastern US.  She is listed as a qualified mussel surveyor statewide in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia and has recently completed large-scale surveys in MI, WV, and NY. She has been diving since 2000 and holds a Rescue Diver certification. Becca is active on various committees for both the Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society (FMCS) and the Society of Freshwater Science (SFS) member.

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