Patrick Evankovich

Commercial Diver / Dive Supervisor


Mr. Patrick Evankovich is a skilled commercial diver with advanced certification as an ADCI Air Diving Supervisor. He has completed a long list of courses and certifications including an NHI underwater bridge inspection course and 40-hour HAZWOPER. Patrick has completed a multitude of projects at various power plants such as Surry nuclear in VA and Conowingo hydroelectric in MD. His power plant experience includes projects such as trash rack and traveling screen maintenance, repair, and removal; floating bulk head design and installation. Patrick has also been involved in extensive topside and in-water work for the U.S. Navy, including ships husbandry and submarine maintenance and ballast tank entry. He has widespread work experience in mechanics which includes maintaining water, air, and hydraulic systems. In addition to a strong mechanical aptitude, he has extensive experience and training in topside and in water welding, including TIG and MIG. Patrick’s welding experience includes fabrication using various types of metals.

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