Jamie Krejsa

President / Chief Executive Officer



Jamie Krejsa is a founder and President / Chief Executive Officer of EnviroScience, Inc. (ES). In his role as President and CEO, Mr. Krejsa has made ES into a renowned company with a national reputation as an environmental solution provider.  In his 20 plus years’ experience, Mr. Krejsa has grown the business by educating industry on how it can be profitable to do the right thing when faced with environmental challenges and opportunities.  In drawing off his expertise as a biologist and an educator, Mr. Krejsa has developed training protocols, which created a staff of more than fifty scientists, and professionals who have learned to perfect the science and the business of hands on approach in any environment.  Mr. Krejsa has overseen the management and the execution of over 8,000 site evaluations nationally, reinforcing his expertise in all varieties of biological evaluations.  Mr. Krejsa’s dedication and focus on quality science has earned himself and EnviroScience, Inc. tremendous agency respect, a benefit to every client he and EnviroScience serve.

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