Crayfish Surveys Now Available in Kentucky

May 18, 2021
Big Sandy Crayfish (Cambarus callainus) collected in West Virginia.

Does your project in Kentucky require a crayfish survey? Already approved in West Virginia and Virginia, EnviroScience’s aquatic biologist Brian Carlson is now federally permitted to conduct presence/absence surveys for the threatened Big Sandy Crayfish (Cambarus callainus) within its current and historical range in the Commonwealth of Kentucky!

EnviroScience also recently renewed its prequalification with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet to provide botany, fisheries, macroinvertebrates, terrestrial zoology, water quality, and wetlands services for transportation projects throughout the state.

Please consider EnviroScience for your transportation project or threatened and endangered species (mussels, crayfish, botany, bats, bees) service needs.

Contact Brian Carlson () at 800.940.4025