EnviroScience Awarded ODOT IRT Category 3 Wetland Mitigation Project

May 12, 2020
Wetland Mitigation
EnviroScience full delivery wetland mitigation site one year after construction in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

EnviroScience, in close collaboration with the consulting firm Envirotech, was awarded ODOT’s Inter-Agency Review Team (IRT)-Approved, Category 3 Wetland Mitigation Credit Project in March 2020.  The 1.2 million dollar “full-delivery” project will span 11 years. EnviroScience and Envirotech will perform all engineering, environmental, construction, and other deliverables under a single contract.  Our team also includes Eco-Design and Engineering and RiverReach Construction. The team must successfully deliver a minimum of 15 IRT-approved wetland mitigation credits of the reestablishment/establishment variety (as defined in OAC 3745-1-54), of which at least 10 credits will comprise Category 3 forested wetlands in nature.  These credits will be created in one or more of the following watersheds in Ohio: Walhonding River, Lower Maumee River, and Grand River.

This project is relatively unique since it involves the restoration of wooded, Category 3 wetlands.  Ohio EPA categorizes these wetlands as high-quality areas that support preferred habitat and hydrological functions.  While most development projects can avoid Category 3 wetlands, or developers abandon the project due to their presence, ODOT’s critical mission of transportation and public safety sometimes results in unavoidable impacts to Category 3 wetlands from road widenings, bypasses, and other projects.  EnviroScience, Envirotech, and the project team members are evaluating properties for potential restoration and developing conceptual restoration models.  If you or your organization has a large property in one of the target watersheds that you believe has wetland restoration potential, please reach out to Neal Hess at .