New ES Hires Strengthen & Diversify Services

June 17, 2015

Stow, Ohio—In the past few months, EnviroScience, Inc. has snatched up some of the best and brightest in the environmental services industry. So far this year, EnviroScience has hired 5 new key personnel who are strengthening current client connections and diversifying ES services.

New Environmental Compliance Services Group Leads ES into New Territory

EnviroScience’s new Environmental Compliance Services group is led by Dominic Nardis and John Kwolek. They are a highly seasoned duo bringing to ES expertise in managing a wide scope of environmental regulatory permits and issues. Read more about Compliance Services.


Dominic Nardis


Manager of Compliance Services

DNardis @



Before coming to ES as head of the Environmental Compliance Services group, Mr. Dominic Nardis spent over 40 years with Timken Steel as a Certified Professional Environmental Auditor. He has inspected and corrected environmental concerns in 84 facilities in 20 countries across the world, including in the US, Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia. With a strong foundation in Solid Waste, Water Treatment, Permitting, and Auditing, he has delivered cost-effective solutions to some of the most difficult regulatory problems. In addition, Mr. Nardis has experience in developing environmental training programs, negotiating NPDES and POTW wastewater discharge limits, and developing corporate environmental reporting measures for plants. He has managed the maintenance and environmental operation of the largest waste sulfuric acid recovery plant in the world, supervised several waste water treatment plants, and oversaw steel plant compliance with SARA 312, SARA 313 and other hazardous waste tracking and reporting requirements.


John Kwolek


Senior Environmental Engineer

JKwolek @



Mr. Kwolek, P.E. has over 32 years of professional experience, including 31 years of experience as an Environmental Engineer with the Ohio EPA, Division of Surface Water.  Upon retirement from the Ohio EPA, he joined Tetra Tech as a Senior Project Manager.  Following his time at Tetra Tech, he joined EnviroScience as a Senior Environmental Engineer with the Environmental Compliance Services Division.

As a Lead Worker in the Division of Surface Water, Mr. Kwolek was responsible for developing NPDES Permits for industrial and municipal facilities, reviewing Permit to Install applications for wastewater treatment systems, conducting compliance inspections at regulated facilities, and coordinating regulatory actions for entities in noncompliance with Clean Water Act requirements.  His experience with industrial facilities also includes the application of federal categorical standards in NPDES Permits and Indirect Discharge Permits.

In addition, Mr. Kwolek has experience with the Multi Sector General Permit for Industrial facilities and the General Storm Water Permit for Construction Activity. His responsibilities have included the review of industrial Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans along with Erosion & Sediment Control Plans for sanitary landfills, gas and oil projects, and construction sites.  He also works with engineers, industrial representatives, and site coordinators in the development and maintenance of storm water management systems.


Nashville Hire Matt Johnson Expands ES’s Geographic Reach for Endangered Mussel Work




Malacologist / Aquatic Biologist

Matt.Johnson @



EnviroScience, Inc. is pleased to announce that Matthew Johnson will be joining our Nashville, Tennessee office as its newest Malacologist and Aquatic Biologist.  His role includes helping municipal and industry clients navigate state and federal endangered species requirements for freshwater mussels.

Mr. Johnson’s extensive knowledge and experience performing freshwater mussel studies in the Mid-Atlantic and Southern U.S. will play a vital role in expanding EnviroScience’s capabilities in the Southern United States.  Mr. Johnson has studied and worked as a malacologist in the Southern U.S. for nearly 10 years, performing freshwater mussel surveys and monitoring projects as a research associate with the Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Center at Virginia Tech. Subsequently, he completed his M.S. in Fish and Wildlife Conservation at Virginia Tech, served as the resident mussel biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service San Marcos National Fish Hatchery and Technology Center, and served as a research associate with the freshwater mussel group at the Institute of Renewable Natural Resources at Texas A&M University.

Mr. Johnson is an active member of the Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society. He holds federal and state collection permits in Texas, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, and Ohio, and has been designated as an approved freshwater mussel surveyor in Ohio, West Virginia, and Virginia.


Bat Ecologist Mary Gilmore Brings Valuable Specialization & Connections for ES Endangered Bat Services




Bat Ecologist / Wetland Scientist

MGilmore @



EnviroScience is thrilled to have Ms. Gilmore on its team, as she brings to ES very specialized experience in Threatened and Endangered Bats as well as Wetland/Stream delineating and permitting.  As an endangered bat biologist, Ms. Gilmore has over 7 years’ experience conducting threatened and endangered habitat assessments and bat surveys.  Ms. Gilmore has a USFWS Indiana bat recovery permit through the extent on the bat’s range and is a Qualified Bat Surveyor with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Additionally, she has extensive field experience leading mist net surveys, conducting radio telemetry, and knowledge of threatened and endangered bats and their habitat.  She is proficient in using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to map ecological features.  Ms. Gilmore has led threatened and endangered bat mist net surveys and habitat assessments throughout the eastern U.S., including Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Virginia.


Randy Keitz Joins Restoration Group, Brings over 30 Years of Experience in Mining Engineering


Randy Keitz Photo-EnviroScience


Senior Engineer

RKeitz @



Mr. Keitz has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mining Engineering from the Ohio State University and a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Akron, with an emphasis in hydraulic and geotechnical engineering.  He is a registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) in the State of Ohio and a Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM).  Additionally, he has completed several courses in stream morphology.

Mr. Keitz has worked for 30 years with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) in the Divisions of Mineral Resources Management (DMRM) and Soil and Water Resources (DSWR).  With the DMRM, he worked as a regulatory engineer reviewing applications and enforcing the engineering aspects of surface and underground coal mining; worked in the Abandoned Mined Land (AML) program as a design and construction engineer restoring unreclaimed surface mines and surface effects from underground mines; and worked in the Emergency AML program developing designs and constructing projects in an accelerated manner (e.g., 30 days) in order to stabilize sudden subsidence events occurring near and beneath homes and roads that resulted from past underground coal mining.

With the DSWR, Mr. Keitz worked with rural and urban landowners providing investigations and evaluations (I&E’s) on stream instability issues; worked with engineers and community leaders to improve local stormwater regulations; investigated stormwater issues for communities and landowners, and developed solutions to mitigate the adverse impacts of stormwater; provided technical support to county Soil & Water Conservation Districts (SWCD’s) on specific stream and stormwater issues; provided technical training to county SWCD technicians across Ohio as part of the Technician Develop Program (TDP); provided training to engineers, geologists and biologists in the areas of stream morphology and stormwater management; worked as the State Floodplain Engineer; and provided technical assistance to the Ohio EPA and Ohio DOT in areas of stream morphology, stormwater management and floodplain management, and provided expert reports on issues involving these areas for these agencies.