EnviroScience Inc. Hires Two Former EPA Professionals to Provide Stormwater Solutions to Clients with NPDES Permitting and Compliance Needs

June 14, 2014

Expert help is a phone call away for municipalities and industry in need of NPDES Permitting and Compliance support.  ES recent hires Phil Rhodes, P.E. and Paul Anderson, a Senior Aquatic Field Biologist, have each spent more than 30 years working for the Ohio EPA, Northeast Division of Surface Water and have seen their share of mishaps that could have been prevented with the right knowledge.

“We’ve seen it hundreds of times;” concedes Rhodes, a former Site Inspector, NPDES Permit Writer and Permit to Install Applications Processor, “customers that could have saved themselves headaches and thousands [of dollars] in fines had they had the correct plan in place.” Phil has the unique perspective and expertise to quickly identify regulatory needs important to the EPA and can suggest remediation options to clients.

Paul Anderson, an Aquatic Biologist, uses his extensive experience conducting water quality surveys and in NPDES permit development to interpret numerical limits based on chemical and biological water quality data and Total Maximum Daily Load reports.  ” Many times the data collected from the water body receiving NPDES discharges provides supporting evidence that certain permit limits will be ineffective,” says Anderson. Correct interpretation of the data allows us to develop pollution control strategies that will help to identify the most effective solutions.”

Both Paul and Phil can save clients time and money by submitting applications that are complete and accurate the first time. They can also identify potential issues before they are flagged by the EPA, and recommend low cost solutions to meet clients’ compliance needs.

Their experience with industry in direct discharge and storm water permitting issues can assist your company in the following areas:

Individual NPDES permitting support

  • NPDES Permit Applications for both individual and general permits
  • Preparation of Anti-degradation Applications
  • Pre-audit inspections to evaluate compliance with applicable regulations
  • Representation concerning NPDES permitting issues with Ohio EPA

Industrial Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP)

  • Determining if your company is regulated by the MSGP
  • Storm water Permit applications.
  • Storm water Pollution Prevention  Plan (SWPPP) preparation
  • Training on the permit requirements
  • MSGP compliance issues