EnviroScience Attends CSXT HAZMAT Sentinel Training in Atlanta

November 26, 2012

During the week of November 12, 2012, CSX Transportation invited consultants and a variety of CSX staff members from throughout their system to attend the inaugural Hazardous Material Sentinel Training at the CSX REDI Center in Atlanta, Georgia.  Three members of the EnviroScience Emergency Response Team were invited to attend a thorough training course to prepare attendees for responses to railroad hazardous material incidents.  Course material included tank car construction, hazardous material chemistry, response health and safety, incident management structure, and hands on response techniques such as plugging and patching, tank car transfers, and grounding and bonding.

The course participants received the opportunity to demonstrate their response skills in the CSXT HazMat Olympics.  The EnviroScience led team exceled in the hands-on competition that included plugging a leaking fuel tank, donning Level A personal protective equipment, and applying chlorine and Midland kits to leaking tank car valves.  The course culminated in a late night mock derailment.  The EnviroScience team demonstrated their response skills by conducting real-time transfers, flaring, and tank car repair.

Czayka, Willaman, & Woodlee at the CSX Training