Service Area Highlight: Site Assessment, Remediation, and Chemical Evaluation

December 21, 2020

EnviroScience has highly qualified geologists, environmental scientists, and environmental and chemical engineers with over 40 years of experience completing a wide range of environmental site assessments, monitoring, and remediation projects. Our expertise in chemical fate and transport analysis, risk assessment, environmental sampling, and coordination with regulators, combined with our ability to think outside the box, allows us to develop creative solutions that save our clients time and money.

Our most recent project highlights our unique capabilities and quick response to situations that warrant immediate action. For this project, EnviroScience responded to a specialty chemical release from a tanker in West Virginia. As a result of the release, product migrated to a tributary of the Ohio River. EnviroScience personnel were onsite within four hours of receiving the call to coordinate the immediate containment and cleanup efforts. An EnviroScience chemical engineer evaluated the spilled material’s unique chemistry early on to determine the fate and transport of the material in the environment. This evaluation helped determine sampling locations, analytical procedures, and remediation strategies. Our team quickly developed a sampling and analysis plan approved by the state for use during the response phase. EnviroScience initiated sampling to assess the cleanup and recovery operations’ effectiveness onsite and delineate and quantify the concentrations of spill-related analytes upstream and downstream of the release.

After the initial cleanup, EnvrioScience developed a restoration plan that met state and federal requirements for the area and oversaw the plan’s implementation. The area was restored to its pre-incident state. At the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection’s (WVDEP) request,  EnviroScience scientists and engineers developed a long-term monitoring plan to ensure that the remediation successfully contained and collected the chemical. The long-term monitoring plan included well installation, groundwater monitoring, and surface water sampling. Enviroscience negotiated a reduced monitoring period with WVDEP based on chemical properties and initial sample results obtained. To date, no post-remediation detections of spill-related analytes have been observed in the designated sampling locations.

Whether you have an immediate need from a chemical spill or need to assess legacy contamination, EnviroScience has a team ready to assist you. We have experience with a wide variety of contaminants and are adept at quickly determining the best response for each unique situation.