Who We Are


Marty Hilovsky

Founded in 1989 by visionary Marty Hilovsky, EnviroScience, Inc. began as a biological toxicity testing laboratory for NPDES wastewater permit holders in the basement of a dental office. As fresh and innovative ideas from the company’s expanding roster of environmental experts were incorporated into the business model, the one-dimensional service began to evolve into something altogether special and unique. Soon, EnviroScience staff conducted electrofishing, water sampling, macroinvertebrate identification, litigation support, and diving for a wide range of clients.


EnviroScience Divers Perform Marine Survey in Guam

EnviroScience now comprises a team of over 100 expert biologists, scientists, engineers, and commercial divers headquartered in Ohio with regional offices and resources throughout the U.S. that extend all the way to Guam.

Our environmental consulting and design services are nationally recognized and include restoration and environmental compliance solutions for freshwater mussels, bats, herptiles, fisheries, aquatic surveys, streams and wetlands, water, noise, and air quality, and underwater infrastructure. We also operate a large bioassay and taxonomy identification laboratory to support ecological and biomonitoring projects, including whole effluent toxicity, harmful algal bloom testing, and identification of algae, periphyton, and macroinvertebrates. 


Staying true to our core values of respect, client advocacy, quality work, accountability, teamwork, and safety, the impact that EnviroScience continues to have on the world around us is extraordinary. Its underlying success was perhaps best captured in this message to employees on the day Marty announced his retirement:

“Despite being the founder of EnviroScience, I never thought of it as ‘my’ company. It was and continues to be our company, and each of us is responsible for building the culture and growing the organization by sharing our ideas and talents, and by welcoming new people into the fold…I want to thank each of you for your hard work, your support over the years, and most importantly, for your friendship.”

In 2022, Marty’s vision of a company empowered by its employees was even further realized when EnviroScience joined the nationally renowned and 100% employee-owned ACRT Services, Inc. family of operating companies.


ACRT Services Logo

ACRT Services, Inc. Founder Dick Abbott and Marty Hilovsky were no strangers. Headquartered in Northeast Ohio and serving similar industries, both companies had an early understanding of each other. Although both were focused on the environment and utility industries, their respective service offerings did not overlap. For this reason, the union of the two companies proved a natural and perfect fit, serving three immediate goals:

  1. It extends the reach of EnviroScience services to the companies at ACRT Services.
  2. It provides service lines from ACRT Services operating companies to EnviroScience clients.
  3. It affords the development of a synergistic model to expand technology-based services to new and existing customers throughout the entire family of operating companies.

EnviroScience continues to operate today as it always has, but with expanded resources as an ACRT Services operating company. As such, we retain our exceptional team of environmental experts as well as our own dedicated teams for human resources, sales and marketing, information technologies, and finance. Because there is no overlap in roles and responsibilities, this union affords enormous potential for growth for both companies, working together to expand service solutions, establish more partnerships, and pursue more opportunities.

The ACRT Services, Inc. family of companies offers independent consulting solutions to utilities and associated organizations throughout the U.S., including vegetation management consulting, utility metering services, arborist training, customized safety courses, technology solutions, and now environmental services to empower the best people in the industry.

Few environmental firms in the country retain EnviroScience’s degree of scientific know-how, talent, and capability under one roof. The diverse backgrounds of our biologists, environmental engineers, scientists, and divers enable us to provide comprehensive in-house services and an integrated approach to solving environmental challenges—saving clients time, reducing costs, and ensuring high-quality results.

Our client guarantee is to provide “Excellence in Any Environment,” meaning no matter what we do, we will deliver on our Core Values of respect, client advocacy, quality work, accountability, teamwork, and safety. EnviroScience was created with the concept that we could solve complex problems by empowering great people. This concept still holds true today as our scientists explore the latest environmental legislation and regulations and incorporate the most up-to-date technology to gather and report data.

EnviroScience expertise includes but is not limited to aquatic surveys (including macroinvertebrate surveys and biological assessments); ecological restoration; ecological services (including impact assessments, invasive species control, and water quality monitoring);  emergency response; engineering and compliance services; endangered mussel surveys; laboratory and analysis; stormwater management; threatened and endangered species; and wetlands and streams (including delineation and mitigation). Further, EnviroScience is one of the few biological firms in the country that is a general member of the Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI) and offers full-service commercial diving services.