Hanover Engineering Associates, Inc., Project Scientist

“When a project has the potential to impact rare, threatened, or endangered species, we have looked to the staff of EnviroScience for the last 10+ years to handle every facet of the conflict—from studies, to navigating the nuances with jurisdictional agencies, and obtaining clearances. Their professionalism and expertise in the subject matter continuously result in timely clearances and keeping project schedules on track.” 

Algae Identification Services

Thanks for the quick response.  I must compliment you and your company for the outstanding customer service you have provided throughout this testing…Well Done!

Compliance Services Testimonial

“Just a brief note to thank you for all the help and guidance in verifying the current stormwater outfalls and identifying possibly a couple of new ones along the stream that meanders across our 1200 acres. We know it was quite a challenge with the overgrowth of trees and briers covering much of the area. The photos and detailed description of each location will be greatly beneficial in managing and complying with our permit. This project will also assist us in being proactive with any corrective actions or future requirements. Thanks again…it was very good to hear that frogs and fish were observed during the inspection. Great work!” 

Mayor Sara Drew

“Having a company like this in Stow is unbelievable. Cities salivate over companies like this.”

Devela J. Clark, U.S. Forest Service to Dominion East Ohio

“….Miles of old pipelines have been removed and new pipelines installed…The working relationship between the Wayne National Forest, Dominion East Ohio Gas, EnviroScience Inc. and sub-contractors has been invaluable. The high level of cooperation amongst these parties has resulted in the projects being in full compliance. In some instances, work activities have exceeded established standards…”

CSX Transportation, Environmental Remediation Manager

“…EnviroScience is extremely responsive and will do whatever it takes to get the job done correctly and the first time. They have been called out to respond to extreme emergencies for the railroad and have always come through when we need them.”

Ohio EPA NPDES permit writer

“I wanted to…congratulate your company on the fine job of “re-engineering” Haley’s Ditch…Turning the ditch into a meandering stream with a flood plain and pools, cobblestone river bottom, [riffles] and pools along with hundreds of trees was impressive.”