ES Wins ODOT Statewide Mitigation Credit Service Contract

EnviroScience was awarded a direct statewide mitigation contract by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) to develop, create, and deliver natural resource mitigation in any form (e.g., wetlands, streams, endangered species) up to a value of $2 million.  This important contract required the ability to perform 36 specific types of services in the categories of ecological surveys, waterway permitting, ecological assessments (QHEI, HHEI, IBI, ICI), NEPA, invasive species management, natural stream design, cultural resources, Endangered Species Act coordination, agency coordination, right of way, and real estate. 

 This award comes after EnviroScience successfully completed ODOT’s Indiana Bat Western Management Unit contract in 2020. For this contract, we delivered nearly 600 acres of federally and state endangered Indiana Bat habitat mitigation. We are currently working with ODOT for the Statewide Mitigation Credit Service to provide Inter-Agency Review Team (IRT)-approved Category 3 wetland mitigation credits.