ES Featured in ADCI Underwater Magazine’s 2015 Inland Diving Section

October 7, 2015


EnviroScience’s commercial dive program was recently featured in the September-October issue of Underwater magazine, the official publication of the Association of Underwater Diving Contractors International (ADCI,

EnviroScience (ES) has been a member company of the ADCI since 2006, which included an audit of ES’s diving program, personnel and equipment.  The ADCI has been at the forefront of safety and communication throughout the diving and underwater operation community.  The ADCI was founded in 1968 by a small group of diving companies.  Their goal was to create a non-profit organization that would cultivate and promote commercial diving, establish uniform safe standards for commercial divers, and encourage industry-wide observance of these standards.

EnviroScience is proud to be featured in this publication.  For more information about EnviroScience’s commercial diving and marine capabilities, visit

See ES in the inland diving feature here.