ES Experts Present at 25th Conference on Air & Water Permits

July 27, 2015



Speaker: Phil Rhodes, P.E., EnviroScience

COLUMBUS, OH (July 21-22, 2015)–This year’s 25th Annual Conference on Air and Water Permits titled “Environmental Permitting in Ohio” was held in Columbus at the Crowne Plaza North.  It was a great venue to learn about air and water permits and the permitting process from many industry experts.  ES contributed greatly in making this an exceptional event by  having its own permitting experts, Phil Rhodes and John Kwolek, partner with Bill Zawiski, NE District Office Environmental Supervisor OEPA, for an exceptional journey through the who, what, where, when and why of the NPDES Permitting process. IMG_0490

Mr. Rhodes covered the actual NPDES permit forms, highlighting the potential pitfalls, while Mr. Kwolek presented a case history demonstrating the benefits of being engaged in the permitting process.  Bill covered the actual use of the data using a “pie” an example of the waste load allocation.

Together the team’s in-depth analysis of who needs to apply, what data is required, where the data is stored, when to get involved, and why it is important to be part of the permitting process, was very well received.  This was evident by the smiles and positive head nods to their presentations and comments.  The numerous follow-up questions during and after the presentation demonstrated that many had never thought of some of the “pearls of wisdom” that were offered. IMG_0473 (2)

The session demonstrated that working and communicating with the regulating community is beneficial to all involved and also ensures that the environment will be protected for future generations to enjoy.

The Environmental Compliance Group greatly appreciated the opportunity to support this conference and looks forward to future presentations and meetings with industry leaders.