ES to Discontinue Milfoil Solution Services

October 1, 2014

EnviroScience and our Canadian subsidiary Milfoil Solution, LLC have made the difficult decision to suspend milfoil weevil culturing operations indefinitely as of January 1, 2015.  Although we still believe that the weevils have a role in management of Eurasian watermilfoil, a combination of increased regulatory requirements, hybridization of the plant and increasingly unpredictable weather patterns over the past few years have dramatically increased costs.  Although we are confident in the Milfoil Solution Process, it has proven not to be economically feasible for our company to continue the program.

We have offered this form of ecologically sustainable lake management since 1998, and the decision to discontinue the program is particularly difficult for us. Over the past 16 years, we have had the privilege of working with some of the most forward thinking and motivated volunteers, lake associations, communities, lake management professionals, and researchers across the United States and Canada. These opportunities and experiences have helped build and structure EnviroScience into the ecologically minded company it has become.

EnviroScience continues to believe in the process and feels that it could be a profitable enterprise using a smaller, regional operations. Currently, EnviroScience is fielding offers to interested parties for purchase of the Milfoil Solution® process.  We are also aware that there a number of volunteer and nonprofit organizations looking into the possibility of culturing milfoil weevils, and we may be able to assist those efforts.

Although we will not be offering Milfoil Solution® and our Canadian subsidiary will be closing, EnviroScience, Inc. continues to grow and be leaders in the ecological consulting, ecological restoration, stormwater, bioassay / toxicity and commercial diving industries, with over 80 employees and projects across the United States. We will also continue to provide a full range of lake management services.

We’d like to thank our many clients for the trust and confidence you’ve shown in us over the years. We’ve received a great deal of support and satisfaction from offering a sustainable and natural alternative to our clients. While ES will no longer offer the Milfoil Solution® process, we look forward to continuing to assist you with our ecological and environmental services.