Sarah Medziuch

Environmental Biologist


Ms. Medziuch became a member of the EnviroScience team after earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Biology and Geology minor from the University of Dayton in 2015.  She brings with her a variety of lab and field experience including organic extractions, macro-invertebrate collection and fish population evaluations using electrofishing techniques.  She began her career as a field technician assisting the USEPA’s 2015 National Coastal Condition Assessment; a multi-faceted survey of US coastal marine waters including water quality, water chemistry, sediment, human health fish tissue, ecological fish tissue, and macrobenthos.  She then later joined the Emergency Response group in the Richmond Virginia office.  Her responsibilities include responding to chemical spills and train derailments, habitat assessments, and sampling of water and sediment.  She is also currently supporting the fisheries team performing entrainment and impingement sampling at power stations throughout Virginia as part of the Clean Water Act Section 3.16(b).

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