Ryan Schwegman

Manager of Marine Services / Diver / Malacologist


Ryan Schwegman manages the Marine Services Group at EnviroScience, Inc., which includes a team of full-time commercial and scientific diving staff. Ryan is approved by the USFWS as a mussel contractor in various regions and has completed mussel surveys in  10  states throughout the eastern  U.S. Ryan has worked extensively with over 60 species of freshwater mussels, including seven federally-listed and numerous state-listed species, and has assisted in the completion of multiple Biological Assessments. He is a member of the Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society and has attained meetings for the Ohio River Valley Ecosystem Mollusk Subgroup. Ryan has seven years of formal and on-the-job training in surface supplied diving operations. He is experienced and knowledgeable in diver communications, tending, emergency systems, and equipment use and maintenance. Ryan plays a key role in the efficient implementation of the firm’s field-based services. In addition to his formal scientific training and consulting experience, Ryan is a NOLS certified Wilderness EMT and has completed training through West Virginia University Environmental Research Center in Freshwater Mussels of West Virginia: Life History and Identification.

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