Phil Rhodes, P.E.

Senior Environmental Engineer

Phil Rhodes P.E.

Mr. Rhodes is a Senior Environmental Engineer with the ES Restoration Group.  Mr. Rhodes has over 28 years of professional experience as an environmental engineer with the Northeast District Office of the Ohio EPA, Division of Surface Water.  He has extensive experience in the development of NPDES permit limits and conditions applicable to all types of industry including negotiating permit conditions, compliance schedules and enforcement actions.  Responsibilities include the review of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans; providing technical assistance to industry, developers, engineers, and local Soil Water Conservation Districts in meeting permit requirements including the design of Erosion & Sediment Control and Post Construction Best Management Plans.  Mr. Rhodes is also experienced in the implementation of the MS4 General Permit, auditing communities for compliance with the six minimum control measures and providing technical assistance to community representatives in meeting the requirements of the permit.

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