Nicole Jordan

Aquatic Biologist


Ms. Jordan is an experienced biologist for the ecological division.  She is a Level 3
Qualified Data Collector for macroinvertebrates (Collection and Evaluation status).  Ms. Jordan has been a team member for fish and bug stream surveys, 316b impingement and entrainment fish studies, and has performed taxonomic identification of ichthyoplankton and aquatic macroinvertebrates.  Nicole has acted as project manager and Team Leader for various macroinvertebrate studies as well as a team member for numerous stream assessments, Headwater Habitat Evaluations, and Qualitative Habitat Evaluations.

In addition to her biology background, Ms. Jordan also has experience as a technical writer, ensuring quality management of documents in both paper and electronic systems to meet regulatory standards.  This includes writing, editing, and formatting technical documents such as: reports, proposals, SOP’s, QAPPs, and data forms.  These documents are created to be clear and user friendly by gathering information, identifying relevant data and determining the audience of the document.  Ms. Jordan ensures that all documentation meets applicable regulatory, state and/or federal requirements.  She is also responsible for reviewing and editing documents for accuracy and completeness.

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