Nicholas Smeenk, Ph.D.

Herpetologist / Wetland Ecologist

Dr. Nicholas Smeenk is a herpetologist and wetland ecologist with experience working on a wide variety of wetland and wildlife projects. He has worked in many areas of the United States on multiple taxa (Idaho [Rough-skinned Newt, Pygmy Rabbit], Illinois [Blanding’s Turtle, Tiger Salamander, turtle communities, amphibian communities], Maryland [Diamondback Terrapins], Nebraska [amphibian communities, amphibian diseases], Ohio [Massasauga, Eastern Hellbender, Spotted Turtle, turtle communities, snake communities, amphibian communities]).  Dr. Smeenk has over ten years of reptile and amphibian field survey experience including mark-recapture methods, visual encounter surveys, habitat assessment development and implementation, acoustic monitoring surveys, eDNA collection, disease sample collection, blood and tissue sample collection, and threatened and endangered species surveys. Additionally, he was the crew leader for the 2011 National Wetland Condition Assessment in Nebraska and coordinated and conducted ecological assessments of an additional 109 wetlands across the state.  These efforts included method testing, development, and assessment of the Nebraska Wetland Rapid Assessment Method.  Dr. Smeenk is experienced in quantitative wildlife population analysis methods, wetland ecology, ecological statistics, and GIS analysis and mapping.

Contact: NSmeenk @