John P. Bogue, PE, CBSI

Senior Engineer-Diver


Since  1989,  Mr. Bogue has conducted  inspections,  investigations,  evaluations,  loads  rating  analysis,  detail  designs,  and rehabilitation  designs  of  bridges  throughout  the  United  States  for  dozens  of  local,  state,  and  federal agencies.  As  a  NHI  (FHWA)  approved  Instructor  for  the  Bridge  Inspection  Refresher  Course  (No. 130053),  Mr. Bogue taught  the  course  to  consulting  firms  and  state  agencies  nationwide.  His project  management experience includes producing and reviewing cost and technical proposals, developing and overseeing inspection schedules, coordinating logistics with and directing inspection and diving teams, overseeing inspections,  reviewing  detailed  inspection  reports,  and  recommending  necessary  repairs  and/or closure  of  structures.   Mr. Bogue has over  26  years  of  experience  conducting  surface  supplied  diving  operations, including  more  than  16  years  as  supervisor,  and  project  manager.  Mr. Bogue has presented  papers  on  underwater engineering  and  bridge  inspection  at  several  technical  seminars. He has also successfully  led  numerous  proposal and  business  development  efforts,  including  proposal  preparation  (SF330,  SF254,  etc.)  and  shortlist presentation leader.