John Kwolek, P.E.

Senior Environmental Engineer

John Kwolek, PE

Mr. Kwolek, P.E. has over 32 years of professional experience, including 31 years of experience as an Environmental Engineer with the Ohio EPA, Division of Surface Water.  Upon retirement from the Ohio EPA, he joined Tetra Tech as a Senior Project Manager.  Following his time at Tetra Tech, he joined EnviroScience as a Senior Environmental Engineer with the Ecological Services Division.


As a Lead Worker in the Division of Surface Water, Mr. Kwolek was responsible for developing NPDES Permits for industrial and municipal facilities, reviewing Permit to Install applications for wastewater treatment systems, conducting compliance inspections at regulated facilities, and coordinating regulatory actions for entities in noncompliance with Clean Water Act requirements.  He has extensive experience in the development of NPDES permits for industrial and municipal facilities, including the development of pollutant discharge limits, compliance schedules, and special conditions specific to each facility.  He also has significant experience in regulating industrial pretreatment facilities and in the development of Indirect Discharge Permits for industry that discharge process wastewater to sanitary sewers.  His experience with industrial facilities also includes the application of federal categorical standards in NPDES Permits and Indirect Discharge Permits.


In addition to developing individual NPDES and Indirect Discharge Permits, Mr. Kwolek has experience with the Multi Sector General Permit for Industrial facilities and the General Storm Water Permit for Construction Activity. His responsibilities have included the review of industrial Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans along with Erosion & Sediment Control Plans for sanitary landfills, gas and oil projects, and construction sites.  His responsibilities also include working with engineers, industrial representatives, and site coordinators in the development and maintenance of storm water management systems.


During his thirty-one years with Ohio EPA, Mr. Kwolek coordinated with USEPA officials, the Department of Justice, and the Ohio Attorney General’s Office regarding numerous cases.  This experience provides him with a thorough knowledge of environmental regulations and environmental policy.

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