Joel Bingham

Manager of Restoration Services / Restoration Biologist

Mr. Bingham has worked for EnviroScience for over 10 years.  He has a diverse background in biological assessment, project development and restoration that he has developed while a project manager.  Currently, Mr. Bingham is a part of the ecological services division where he manages and coordinates stream and wetland restoration services through RiverWorks, a partnership between restoration biologists, engineers and construction specialists.  His background in biology, morphological assessment, restoration design and implementation experience makes him a unique team leader.  Mr. Bingham has completed Rosgen Applied Fluvial Morphology through Level IV and is certified by OEPA as a Level 3 Qualified Data Collector for fish sampling and QHEI.  He is intimately involved with each stage of restoration projects including the actual construction implementation where his experience in heavy equipment operation and oversight makes the restoration design a reality.  Mr. Bingham’s ability to apply Clean Water Act goals and biocriteria data to restoration projects allows him to analyze existing conditions and develop predictive habitat and biological performance criteria for restoration designs.  In addition, Mr. Bingham has been an active instructor in numerous educational endeavors from small field sessions to large educational programs such as Igniting Streams of Learning in Science (ISLS) where he provides lecture and field surveying techniques for morphology and stream restoration.  Mr. Bingham is also a graduate student at the University of Akron where he is performing research on predicting biological performance and recovery based on stream/habitat restoration.

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