Dr. Tim Walters

Senior Ecologist/Botanist

shoreline sedge

Dr. Walters is a botanist, wetland ecologist, and project manager, whose responsibilities include conducting threatened and endangered plant surveys, terrestrial and aquatic plant community surveys, stream surveys, wetland delineation studies, faunal surveys, permitting (404, 401, Isolated, MDEQ), mitigation planning in Ohio and Michigan, design and monitoring.  He has been trained for Federal endangered species consultation by the USFWS and wetland and stream assessments (VIBI, FQAI, AMPHIBI, QHEI) by the Ohio EPA.

For the past twenty years, Dr. Walters has been considered one of the most respected botanists in the state working on many botanical surveys.  In this period of time, he has performed wetland delineation studies, functional assessments, rare plant surveys and community ecology assessments in some of the most rare and diverse areas of Ohio, Michigan and Indiana.  Dr. Walters has conducted plant collections, surveys and identifications in approximately 40 of the 50 States, Canada and Brazil.

Through his individual research, he has also completed several fully vouchered floral and community surveys of natural areas and provided management recommendations for several park districts and conservation agencies.  This has included the collection and submission of over 12,000 plant specimens for permanent curation to several university and museum herbaria.  Dr. Walters has also taught sedge and grass classes for the past seven years in June and August.  These have been well attended by members of the US Corps of Engineers, Ohio EPA, NRCS, USDA and county parks and agencies.

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