Dr. Marty Huehner

Senior Malacologist

Dr Marty Huehner sorting a sample

Dr. Huehner, a senior member of the EnviroScience scientific staff and a distinguished academic and researcher, began his association with ES in 1998 as a consulting scientist. He is a state and USFWS approved mussel surveyor in numerous states including OH, PA, KY, WV, IA, IL, MO, MI, IN, and WI and has been conducting freshwater mussel surveys since 1971.  Dr. Huehner has focused extensively on field surveys of mussel populations, field and laboratory studies of freshwater mussel ecology, and has worked on some of the largest and most successful mussel relocation projects in North America. In Missouri, he was first to report the presence and distribution of aspidogastrid trematode parasites in freshwater mussels from that state, and in Ohio he has been credited with identifying several populations of state and federally-protected mussel species, including the salamander mussel and the clubshell mussel. He is also a participant in the USFWS project locating reproductive individuals of the nearly extinct Purple Catspaw Mussel, Epioblasma obliquata obliquata in Killbuck Creek, Ohio. As an expert testifying witness, he has testified in court as an authority on stream ecology and freshwater mollusks. His publications appear in accredited journals including the Journal of Invertebrate Pathology, the Ohio Journal of Science, and the Journal of Parasitology. In 2007, Dr. Huehner retired from academia and now works full time with ES where he has been a project manager and malacologist on mussel surveys conducted in large rivers in Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. He has also conducted mussel surveys or translocation projects in many smaller streams in these and other states.

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