Alex Valigosky

Algal Taxonomist


Alex Valigosky began in the fall of 2013 as a Freshwater Algal Taxonomist at EnviroScience, Inc.  His bachelors is in Environmental Science from John Carroll University, where he had undergraduate research experience collecting freshwater algae in Hawaii. Several algae courses and collecting field trips in college led him to pursue algal taxonomy as a career. He spent two years at an environmental consulting firm as a phytoplankton counter and has moved on to specialize in periphyton here at EnviroScience. Mr. Valigosky has helped clients apply unique field studies and collection practices to algal and nuisance biofilm issues. He has experience in safe, efficient, and quantitative field sampling but is also proficient in the lab at using high powered microscopes to identify freshwater algae. In addition to counting periphyton for the National Rivers and Streams assessment, he is also assisting in sample processing, preparation, storage, and database management. He is an active member of the Phycological Society of America and is E-Rail Safe and Federal Railroad Association certified. In my free time I like to race and ride bicycles, cross country ski, snowboard, camp, and kayak as much as I can.

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